Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Camera For Me...

Here are 3 good reasons I need a new camera:


The sad news about these beautiful pictures is that my camera did NOT take camera would have made them out of focus and the pixel's would have been grainy. No the truth is my sister took these pictures with her AMAZING camera that I think I should have. I believe that I would help the economy, or build a school in Tibet, or even bring world peace with a new camera that could take stunning pictures. I believe that when I took a picture (and I would be taking them non stop with a new camera!!) people would stop and stare, stunned at the beauty of my pictures and that would inspire people to do great things (such as build a school in Tibet, then I would be asked to go and take a stunningly beautiful picture of it). Maybe my sister and I could go into business together and that would bring family peace-Ok, ok, maybe I should be happy I have a camera and a family and focus on that...ha focus...but wow I would look great with a new camera, I would definitely do great things with a new camera...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grigori Rasputin

Since the beginning of my reading life Grigori Rasputin and the Romanov Family have been an itch I just could not satisfy with one or two scratches. Their lives fascinate, horrify, and intrigue me to no end. That is why when I discovered the book Rasputin's Daughter, I was delighted. While I was reading the book I felt like I couldn't soak the words up fast enough which lead me to read it again 1 year later. I had done more research on the mysterious monk and reading it a second time was much more enjoyable. Then I suggested the book to my book club and after 3 years of having it on the list it finally made it into a month! I am so excited for my friends to read this book and get their opinions on it.

Rasputin was born a peasant in the small village in Siberia. When he was young his family noticed he had healing abilities. The Tsarista of Russia, Queen Victoria's granddaughter- Aleksandria, heard of this humble peasant who had the ear of God, she petitioned him to visit her. Her request was that he, Rasputin, heal her son and heir of Russia, Alexi.
Rasputin's Daughter is a book about the time Rasputin spent healing the young Tsarovich, his devilish deeds he performed in the name of God, and his daughter's relationship to him and to his murderers. The story starts at the beginning of the downfall of the Tsar and ends with the murder of Grigori Rasputin.
The book tells us that the desperate relationship between the Tsarista and Rasputin was the fuel the revolutionist needed to bring down the Romanov Family.

Rasputin, as much as he intrigues me, was in fact, a disgusting peasant who had no education, ate all meals with his hands, drank until he fell to the floor, and molested women by the dozens. Rasputin had power and whatever evil deed he required of them, they must have felt it was worth his healing hands or his note of favor because they surrounded him daily. There are few people in the world that have been born of lowly birth and risen only to bring down an entire nation, Rasputin was one of them. I look forward to hearing what my book club has to say about this book and this man the Russians called Father Rasputin.