Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Unexpected Event!

At my school we try to teach the students to be flexible and roll with the punches. We call it being a "Bendy Brain". This weekend I learned how these kids feel when they are put in a situation that is not expected.
Sunday the Bishop called me in his office, along with Dave and the other Bishopric members. (This was not at all alarming...sarcasm) The Bishop asked me how Christmas was going, how my current Primary calling was going, then he gave me the shock of a lifetime! They called me to be in the Relief Society Presidency! The Enrichment (2nd) Counselor to be exact! So I very nicely said, "Um No, I actually don't do well with leading adults. I am a kid person." Then I laughed 'cause clearly he was joking-right? The Bishopric laughed at my response and the Bishop lovingly said, "Well, Stefie it is time for you to grow up and lead the adult sisters in this ward." Boy oh boy...he was not taking No for an answer! In my mind I heard loud laughing and a little voice telling me to be a "bendy brain"! Curses. I accepted.
After I was set apart the Bishop shook my hand and said, "Oh yeah, let it begin." Then the entire room broke into laughter...Ha Ha Ha. I am sure the Relief Society President is trying to figure out why this is such a joke to everyone (she just moved in to the neighborhood). After church MANY sisters came up to me and said, "Enrichment? Really? You?" I know!
Then I started thinking maybe Enrichment Night had lessons on Piracy, sword fighting, kick boxing, book reading, sports of wonder, sarcasm, and movies with violence and action...but the more research I have done-I find that all my interests and talents are NOT of the Enrichment kind. I think this is Heavenly Father's way of telling me, "Time to grow up and be a lady!" What a scary concept for me...
Having had 24 hours to dwell on this I find that I am more excited than nervous now. It is my nature to take the bull by the horns and run with what I have, so I feel better now. At least until Saturday night....