Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Mother of the Year Award" goes to....

I bought some pomegranate this weekend and thought I would eat them all myself. But then I had a moment of brilliance. After FHE we were going to have ice cream and I thought to myself, "self, you should put some of the pomegranate into their ice cream...a healthy way to enjoy ice cream." And so I did. My kids ate it up and loved every splash of bitter juice that popped in their mouths. Hayden had to be restrained in the end because he was eating them by the handful. So, for those of you wanting to turn in the application for MY Mothers of the Year Award, I have already filled it out and would be fine with you mailing it in!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Teary Momma

I went to Hunter's school today to watch him perform, in a play he did not tell me about (he was the lead role...grrr), and I got tears in my eyes before the play even happened when the entire gym full of kids stood, faced the flag, put their hands on their hearts, and said the Pledge of Alliegence. I am so grateful my kids go to a school where respect for the flag and our country is a part of their school day! God bless the USA!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got tagged....

I am doing this especially for my baby sister who LOVES to read these on blogs, so crank up the music and read away!

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Fringe
3. 24
4. Office
5. Reno 911
6. Football...
7. Football Highlights...
8. Football post/pre/half time shows

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Hunter had a football game in Taylorsville
2. Lunch with In-laws after the game
3. Took Hayden to a friends house to play
4. Went to Walmart
5. Mopped kitchen floor
6. Vacuumed living room
7. Picked up Hayden from friends house
8. Picked up Harley and Hunter

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Going to bed
2. 12:30 tomorrow (Monday) hair appointment with Super Angie
3. 4pm tomorrow, Hayden's first swimming class
4. October 25 Hunter's LAST football game
5. October 24 Dave's LAST football game
6. UEA weekend
7. Seeing family at Thanksgiving
8. Spring!

8 things on my wish list:
1. Out of debt
2. Quit work and stay at home!
3. Unlimited Barnes and Noble gift card
4. Miracle cure for Autism
5. Uninterrupted Sleep
6. Maid and a cook
7. Paul Cardall CD's
8. Weekend to visit 'Stine in WA!

8 People I am tagging:
1. Tia Dalma
2. Harry Potter
3. Perigrin Took
4. Hans Solo
5. Wesley aka "farm boy"
6. LaDamian Tomlinson
7. Jane Goodall
8. Gaffer Gamgee