Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Unexpected Event!

At my school we try to teach the students to be flexible and roll with the punches. We call it being a "Bendy Brain". This weekend I learned how these kids feel when they are put in a situation that is not expected.
Sunday the Bishop called me in his office, along with Dave and the other Bishopric members. (This was not at all alarming...sarcasm) The Bishop asked me how Christmas was going, how my current Primary calling was going, then he gave me the shock of a lifetime! They called me to be in the Relief Society Presidency! The Enrichment (2nd) Counselor to be exact! So I very nicely said, "Um No, I actually don't do well with leading adults. I am a kid person." Then I laughed 'cause clearly he was joking-right? The Bishopric laughed at my response and the Bishop lovingly said, "Well, Stefie it is time for you to grow up and lead the adult sisters in this ward." Boy oh boy...he was not taking No for an answer! In my mind I heard loud laughing and a little voice telling me to be a "bendy brain"! Curses. I accepted.
After I was set apart the Bishop shook my hand and said, "Oh yeah, let it begin." Then the entire room broke into laughter...Ha Ha Ha. I am sure the Relief Society President is trying to figure out why this is such a joke to everyone (she just moved in to the neighborhood). After church MANY sisters came up to me and said, "Enrichment? Really? You?" I know!
Then I started thinking maybe Enrichment Night had lessons on Piracy, sword fighting, kick boxing, book reading, sports of wonder, sarcasm, and movies with violence and action...but the more research I have done-I find that all my interests and talents are NOT of the Enrichment kind. I think this is Heavenly Father's way of telling me, "Time to grow up and be a lady!" What a scary concept for me...
Having had 24 hours to dwell on this I find that I am more excited than nervous now. It is my nature to take the bull by the horns and run with what I have, so I feel better now. At least until Saturday night....

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thursday was a long long long cold cold cold night for me! And some of you will be surprised and shocked to find out why! Not because it was a midnight movie, but because it was the movie Twilight!
I went with my sister A, my Mommacita, and my friend S! (Thank you A for the glow in the dark, very sharp, vampire teeth!) S and I went in with low expectations "just in case" and were pleasantly surprised!
The movie was great! Once I got past the bad casting of characters and accepted it for what it was, the movie was every entertaining and is great for a girls night out! I laughed out loud at Charlie and even a couple of times at Edward (they were funny parts--not laughed in sarcasm). I recommend this to any girls out there needing a night off and a new fantasy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Due to the mass panic of Internet Safety and such I have taken the liberty to give some of you code names in order to protect your identity. If you have a problem with your new name please see the attached complaint form.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I would like to summarize the month of October in one word but there is not a word that means horrible, joyful, and predictable all in one!
It is the end of football for the Munk family (that is not supposed to be joyful), but I have to admit I look forward to having time to cook and clean after school and on Saturday. Hayden summed it all up for us when he cried on the way home from Hunter's football game. The jersey's, cleats, mouth guards, gloves, and pads have been put away until next July and I think that was the favorite part of my weekend!
Halloween was as predictable as ever, Hayden lasted 20 minutes and then was done with the nonsense of Trick-or-Treating. Hunter was not able to find a chicken costume and therefore boycotted the holiday. Harley spent the weekend with our crazy friends in Odgen. Dave was at a BHS football game and I quietly sat back and observed it all, then put everyone to bed and wished Halloween would not come back next year.
I have big hopes for November, there are no sporting events and Hayden's swimming will be over in 2 days. I hope to have all my Christmas shopping done, house clean and organized, kids homework done, clothes washed and folded, and my book read for the month! With all my free time I feel this is a goal I can easily accomplish...only time can tell.
When it is all said and done, we survived the month and are stronger for it! But in parting I want to say: Goodbye October and good riddance!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Mother of the Year Award" goes to....

I bought some pomegranate this weekend and thought I would eat them all myself. But then I had a moment of brilliance. After FHE we were going to have ice cream and I thought to myself, "self, you should put some of the pomegranate into their ice cream...a healthy way to enjoy ice cream." And so I did. My kids ate it up and loved every splash of bitter juice that popped in their mouths. Hayden had to be restrained in the end because he was eating them by the handful. So, for those of you wanting to turn in the application for MY Mothers of the Year Award, I have already filled it out and would be fine with you mailing it in!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Teary Momma

I went to Hunter's school today to watch him perform, in a play he did not tell me about (he was the lead role...grrr), and I got tears in my eyes before the play even happened when the entire gym full of kids stood, faced the flag, put their hands on their hearts, and said the Pledge of Alliegence. I am so grateful my kids go to a school where respect for the flag and our country is a part of their school day! God bless the USA!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got tagged....

I am doing this especially for my baby sister who LOVES to read these on blogs, so crank up the music and read away!

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Fringe
3. 24
4. Office
5. Reno 911
6. Football...
7. Football Highlights...
8. Football post/pre/half time shows

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Hunter had a football game in Taylorsville
2. Lunch with In-laws after the game
3. Took Hayden to a friends house to play
4. Went to Walmart
5. Mopped kitchen floor
6. Vacuumed living room
7. Picked up Hayden from friends house
8. Picked up Harley and Hunter

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Going to bed
2. 12:30 tomorrow (Monday) hair appointment with Super Angie
3. 4pm tomorrow, Hayden's first swimming class
4. October 25 Hunter's LAST football game
5. October 24 Dave's LAST football game
6. UEA weekend
7. Seeing family at Thanksgiving
8. Spring!

8 things on my wish list:
1. Out of debt
2. Quit work and stay at home!
3. Unlimited Barnes and Noble gift card
4. Miracle cure for Autism
5. Uninterrupted Sleep
6. Maid and a cook
7. Paul Cardall CD's
8. Weekend to visit 'Stine in WA!

8 People I am tagging:
1. Tia Dalma
2. Harry Potter
3. Perigrin Took
4. Hans Solo
5. Wesley aka "farm boy"
6. LaDamian Tomlinson
7. Jane Goodall
8. Gaffer Gamgee

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Path Of Life

I have had a lot of trials in my life. There have been many that brought me to my knees. But there is a beauty in hindsight and as I have had a spell of sleepless nights trying to figure out how I am going to survive my son in 2nd grade, hindsight has been kind to me. I believe my life has been littered with trials in order to put me on a specific path. When I have been in my deepest down points, too exhausted with grief and stress to go another day, I have literally handed my all to the Lord and said, "Put me where I need to be, say what I need to say." At the time it was all a blur. I did things, said things, went places, and thought things. But it was as if I was a Marionette Puppet, my strings being in the hands of the Lord.

Without those trials, I would have never put my feet on the path I follow today. I would not have the knowledge, confidence, clear mind, drive, passion, or means to walk the path I walk everyday. The path I walk is a busy, social path. The path I am on has many opportunities for me to serve other people. Person after person until I feel like I can give no more, then I remember, "I was once in their shoes, I was once in need...someone served me and I grew and moved on."

The Lord has a plan for me and at times I can not see the next turn. But when the turn hits me and the path gets rocky I always have the means to take it and continue on. I have the knowledge to open doors for my son that I did not have 5 years ago. I have the knowledge to open doors for my other children that I did not have 2 years ago. The Holy Ghost guides me, teaches me, and whispers to me on a daily basis. Though at times I do not feel worthy of it, I am grateful that He is always with me.

I know the path I am on will only get steeper and bumpier. I am sure I will have more trials that again drop me to my knees and take the breath out of me. But knowing I am watched and directed by a Heavenly Father that is directing me down a path to help my family and others, I will walk my path with open arms, looking to the future, when I can look back and use that beautiful hindsight to see the progress I have made.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who am I?

I eat with my hands-handwriting is painful,
I am covered in deep bruises and cuts-my heart is broken on a daily basis,
I swim like a fish-water hurts my skin,
I love my brother and sister-wearing them down,
I am a natural at all sports-never good enough,
I like to make people laugh-can't figure out what people are thinking,
I can listen to multiple conversations at one time-loud voices take priority,
I love P.E. and recess-constant noises bring tears,
I am an expert on all animals-must be an animal,
I have boundless energy-weight comforts and calms,
I love my pets-muscles don't recognize gentle,
I am very smart-racing thoughts,
I need a scheduled day-change scares me,
I can convert hours to minutes-can't wait,
I love my cousins-world revolves around me,
I have a big heart-words can hurt others,
I love my Mom-world shakes when she is gone,
I can read-written words overwhelm,
I find comfort in things that are soft-will be 8 soon,
I love my Dad-he is not mom,
I am very daring and courageous-staples, glue and stitches,
I need to be loved-don't like to be touched,
I have beautiful eyes-don't look at faces,
Who am I?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My days will never be the same....

"Summer is over so why is it still hot"? This is the question my 7 year old asked me yesterday. School marks the death of all that is fun and warm right? Dave and I both had students at school Monday and it was a bit crazy for us.
Autism is a funny thing and there are many levels of "high functioning." I have decided that every parent wants to believe that their child IS high functioning, because it gives them hope. However, it gives me a lot of screaming, angry, scared kids to wrestle with on the first day of school! I was exhausted after school and I still had my own kids to manage until bed. Gone are the days of naps, gone are the days of swimming for hours at Kristi's pool, gone are the days when I could sleep in, gone are MY days. There is 20 minutes of reading for each of my 3 kids...2 of which have to be monitored at all times :( Learning Plans to sign, homework to finish, violin to practice, football to practice (and coach), behaviors to change, mean girls at school, mean teachers at school...I am sure all of you feel the same way I do, but it feels good to get it off my chest in into written words.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Craze

We have been glued to the T.V. for the past 5 days. All day long the T.V. is on channel 5 watching the USA in the 2008 Olympics. It is a phenomenon at our house. All play stops, all Disney shows are put on the back burner, all free time is spent cheering the USA on. We have become experts on all Olympic sports, therefore are better at judging and scoring than the actual Olympic judges and referees. We are savvy with the lingo and know all the USA athletes by first and last name. And I am pretty sure we could put on a blue suit coat and judge the Olympics better than the current judges!

We have also become somewhat of an expert on China. We were saddened by the murder of an American citizen and pray everyone else will return home safely. The kids do not love the idea of having to leave your family at a young age to become an Olympic athlete or only having 1 child per family. They are also still trying to grasp the idea of Communism. Hunter stated that when he is President of the United States of America he will "ban all Communists and work towards world peace" and furthermore, if the Olympics happen to be in China when he is President, he will have to really think about going or not. However, when he saw President Bush talking to the athletes and watching all the events Hunter decided that he would attend only if he could stay with the athletes and get all their autographs. "Do you think that they would want to come to dinner at the White House or would they be to busy?" Think big kid!

We love the United States of America and will continue to obsess about the events and athletes until it is taken from us. We hope to dominate the world and win as many Gold Medals as possible, but we do not want to make the athletes feel bad if they loose either! (Thank you Hunter for having such a big heart). Shout out if you are also addicted to the Olympics!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I sew-I am sewing-I am a Seamstress!

Remember the movie with Bill Murray, What About Bob? The scene where Bob has been lashed to the sailboat mast and it jubilantly yelling, "I sail, I am sailing, I am a sailor" that is how I felt on Tuesday. Jess, my crafty friend, has a fabulous idea of taking all the pants that are too small and making skirts out of them. I was thrilled because I seemed to have a LOT of pants in the "too small" category. Also, Jess offered to help hem the new clothes I got for school. So I was all game until I realized that it would involve SEWING.....AHHHHHH! Jess assured me she would do all the sewing machine stuff and I inserted "plus all things using a needle and thread". We got started right away by cutting all the pants up and pinning them where they needed to be. It seemed easy enough, then Jess asked me if I wanted to sew them....Uhhhh I politly gave her some excuse about never using other people's sewing machines and watched her sew away! Ok I did do some fabulous cutting and pinning!
The skirts turned out so so so cute!
The bummer (for me) was when the cutest skirt (camo) was still to small for me so Jess (much skinnier) got a new skirt! In all we made 3 skirts and hemmed 3 pairs of pants. Half way through the process Jess looked up at me and asked if I was O.K. Apparently the look of death was on my face. But it was not so bad and my headache went away about an hour after I got home. All in all a sucessful day for me and I proudly yell, "I sew, I am sewing, I am a seamstress..."

Friday, August 1, 2008


I heard a songs today that I would like to dedicate to all you out there that fall into my inner cirlce of trust and can say you are my BFF!

"Gonna stay in bed today
Cause I can't stand the light
Don't know why I get so down
I won't be much fun tonight
And I can't believe
You still wanna hang around me
It's not so pretty all the time
You don't mind
To you it's all right
You almost know me better than
Me, myself and I
Don't know a lot of things
But I know what I got
It's not so perfect everyday
I don't have to try
Cause it all falls into place
Face to face, eye to eye
You're standing there
Feels good on the inside
I don't mind, I don't care
You're standing there
Seeing me for the first time
Seeing me for the first time...."

Don't laugh it is a song by...Miley Cyrus!
Much love to all of you out there that have made my life better just by knowing you.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today Dave and I decided to go shopping for clothes. We are both starting school/work soon and are in need of a few new clothes. So we started at Ross Dress For Less and found NOTHING that would work for 2 LDS adults with offense.
Then we headed to Target (I know big shoppers) when we came across Kohls. It is a new store in Centerville, so we skipped Target and went inside. Dave found some great wool pants and nice dress shirts. However, let me tell you that this man is the pickiest, OCD, preppy, professional I have ever encountered in my life. I picked out a million shirts and he would just frown and say, "I thought you were going to help me pick out some decent clothes." GRRRRRR We have such different ideas on the word "helping".
Then is was my turn. I went to the Junior section, not because I believe I am tiny teenager, but because I know I am a very short person. I found some really cute shirts and dress capri's and dress shorts. Into the dressing room I went...and out I came. It seems that I have grown a lot this year, particularly in the "shirt" area. I had to actually go back and get a bigger size. This has never happened to me before, I was so happy! I have arrived, puberty finally hit!
The joy was smashed into the ground the minute I tried on the pants. Apparently with the "shirt" growth came some "pants" growth. I was a lot frightened and maybe wanted to cry, but determined to find something flattering and adultish. So I proudly got the bigger sizes and tried them on, walked out of the dressing room, and was greeted with a wrinkled nose husband that said, "you look like a square." Without another word I went in the dressing room and changed back into my sweats and tee shirt. "K I am done, let's get your clothes and get out of here," was the next thing I said with tears in my eyes. But Dave insisted that we get some long dress pants and form fitting shirts. GRRRRR Back to the Junior section to pick out pants in the double digit sizes. Dave kept saying, "you are not this big, you are crazy if you think this will fit." Low and behold...they fit...Dave frowned and said, "wow that's pretty big." (From the man tipping the scales at 220) But in the end I got 2 pairs of dress pants and 3 very cute shirts and 1 regret, I left the shirt I liked the most at the check out counter because I did not want to look like a "square".
Dave and I went home hungry and tired.
After dinner it was off to Target to get socks and unders for the kids. When what did I find?? The cutest pants I have ever seen. Dave piled pants and shirts in my arms and said, "try them on." The pants fit great and the best news is they were a size 7. How could this be? Well, I felt they were a little tight, Dave and the kids disagreed. I saw another really cute dress that was long enough to wear to work, but short enough to be a fun summer dress, I tried it on and my boys burst out laughing, "you look like a Grandma" said Hunter. Hayden said (while rolling on the ground with laughter) if you had bushy hair you would look like an old granny." Self esteem -10. Then the nicest lady walked past me and said, "that is the cutest dress on you. Where did you get it." To which the boys burst out with laughter and taunting again. I ended up buying the dress because I really liked it and I got some killer high heels to go with it. In the end I have 4 pairs of pants that need a major hem and then I will be ready to spread my wings and go to work.
So when you see me and I am sporting my new attire...please be gentle. Honest but gentle, my self esteem is hurting right now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dogs of Our Lives

I started reading a book called, The Dogs of Babel. It is a book about a dog that is the only witness to a death. I was sceptical at first, having 2 dogs of my own, but it had a good start. And that is when it happened...Sunday evening, when we got home from visiting Grandparents, Shrute was gone (our Golden Lab). We figured he was at the Jr. High, High School, or church so that is where we looked. But it quickly became dark and he was no where to be found. After we put the kids to bed Dave and I got in the truck and began driving around Bountiful, mainly Orchard Drive in fear that he had been hit and was on the side of the road. But alas, no Shrute.
That night Dave and I both had nightmares about what had happened to him. Dave dreamed he was hit by a truck. I had a horrifying dream of the neighborhood kids (teens) drowning him in our creek. When we woke up I hit the pavement again looking for him. But to no avail. Shrute was gone.
I called the pound, no Shrute. We went outside every 20 min and yelled his name, no Shrute. I gave up at 2pm and sat on the porch to read my book, The Dogs of Babel, and waited for the phone to ring. The book took an interesting and heartbreaking turn that made me feel a massive guilt for having lost Shrute. I missed his annoying, hyperactive, puppy behavior. I missed him wanting to follow me everywhere. I missed walking him this morning. It was a strange sensation seeing as how I thought I hated him, cursing his name on a hourly basis. I continued reading but it was painful and I was sad. I found myself making promises of loving him, letting him in the house more, taking him to work with me, throwing the ball for hours with him, if only we could find him, if only, if only....The book ended on a sad note for me. The beloved dog in the book will never be the same and I was haunted by that. How much emotion can a dog feel? Lonely, Sad, Happy, Elated, Mad, Scared? Was Shrute feeling sad and missing us?
Then at 5pm we got the call from a lady that lives about 1 block from our house. She found him at the Jr. High and took him to her fenced in yard to keep him from getting hit by a car or picked up from the police. I was grateful to her, she was kind to him. She fed him and played with him. When he saw us he ran right up to me and sat down waiting for me to praise him for his intelligence ("Look at me, you found me! I am such a smart dog) he is defiantly a male dog :) She said he followed her around and did not give her a minutes peace. I think Shrute would be happy with anyone that gave him attention. But in the long run I have to believe that he would miss us and does love us in a big dog way. Not like Charlie our little dog, not like a human. But in a "something is missing, not quite right, and I just can't put my paw on it...oh well, let's play!" way. He is that kind of a dog and I love him for it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Capt. Rocks!

I was surfing the web tonight and decided to get onto my school web site and check out the improvements. I thought it was great because there was a staff section. So I clicked on it and wow! My name...

Stefie Munk Head Pirate, Manager of the Learning Center, and PE Teacher

I love my job!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Do You Do In Florida...

We went to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball game, and the Rays beat the Astros 4-3.
We walked the beach every night (about 4.6 miles from one resort to the next) with another couple that was there for the conference.

We walked in the rain (for 3 days) and when we got tired of the rain we sat in our room and read (me) watched T.V. (Dave)

And we ate dinner at a different local small restaurant every night. At 'Shells' I ate shrimp pasta with creamy butter sauce. At the 'Hurricane' I ate Grouper (a rare fish that sits on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico). And at 'Silas Steakhouse' I ate prime rib. However I have no pictures because no one wants their picture over dinner :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach. The resort was Trade Winds and the beach was called "St. Pete's Beach" and it was on the Gulf of Mexico. The water was the warmest water I have ever felt before. I was a beautiful light green/blue color and the waves were very small. The 4 nights I was there I spent down at the waters edge just listening to the waves hit the sand. I felt at ease and peaceful while I was there.

The one day that it was NOT raining, I spent 2 hours standing in the water feeling the motion of the water, listening to the rhythm of the waves. I have to admit I was not going to go deeper than my knees (sting ray, fish, shark) so I had no desire to be IN the water just with the water. I felt like I could definitely live on a ship out at sea with the breeze on my face and the waves underneath me.
That is of course until the storms hit. Let me tell you the locals they know this, they can "smell the storm a'cumin" and within 5 minutes-rain, wind, rageful water...I like Utah.


Dave and I spent the past 4 days in St. Petersburg Florida. There are many things in St. Pete's that are aligned with my life and I feel I was drawn there at the crossroads. There are many things that are in St. Pete's that I did not look for but that came screaming into my life.
The first and foremost was the Pirates of St. Pete's. I am not kidding or fantasizing or being crazy, I am telling you that there are Pirate parafanalia everywhere. Not Disney pirates, real live pirates. Apparently St. Petersburg was a hub for these fantastic Pirate people of my life, ever heard of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?? Hmmmm that was brought to my attention by my husband who thought he was going to squash the pirate in me by going to Florida. Every store, restaurant, gift shop we went into had Pirate signs, pictures, and flags. I swear I was in heaven.
My favorite shirts and signs said: "Got Rum?" "Surrender Your Booty" "This Property Is Protected By Pirates" and "Land At Own Risk" I got 1 tee shirt and one decal for the truck, the decision was so hard....St. Pete's Beach is the place of my soul's birth, I was finally home! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008


So no one told me that having children in a musical means that the parent becomes the stage crew, set crew, microphone specialist, greenroom staff, and hair and make up expert. However, I have learned how to do all these things in a matter of 1 week. The kids show opens tonight and it has been more stress than any sporting event I have ever been to.
Live theater is a different monster than sports. There is not a lot of prep for softball or football. As long as your child has their uniform on they are good to go. But this is-wow-scene changes, costume changes, mic changes, hair that won't get messed up during the costume changes, and applying make up so thick and bright the kids feel like it is halloween, and this is not for just my kids, but all the kids in the musical. Not to mention the props, hanging them, painting them, glueing, hammering, spraying, stapling-wow- I prefer sitting in the stands and watching the game and letting the coaches do the dirty work, however, after seeing the joy on Harley's face during dress rehersal last night all this, all this head ache and stress is well worth it. I would do it a million times to see her that happy.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is me and Miss Jess. Jessica Forbes to be correct. She is one of the para-professionals that worked in the Learning Center with me this year at Spectrum Academy. As the job of managing the L.C. fell in my lap mid year, Jess was there to help me stay focused and positive. She has become one of my best friends and helped me through a lot of crap this year. She supports me in my "piratyness" (yes I just made that word up) and enjoys watching me rant and rage about the changes that need to be made. We make a good team and I hope that Jess finds herself in the L.C. again this next school year. I will need her uplifting and humorous self in there to help me cope with the stress of being the school bully!

Good Movie

I read the Kite Runner 2 years ago and have been haunted by it ever since. I have recommended this book only as a book to read if you want to know how blessed and lucky you are to live in the United States of America. This past year the Kite Runner movie debuted and everyone has told me what a great movie it was. "Obviously you have not read the book" was my reply to everyone. I did not want to actually see the horrible things the villains were doing, I read them and visualized it in my head, that was enough for me.
Last night Dave brought home a video for us to watch. He popped in the DVD and "what! What is this! This is Kite Runner! Uhhhh I am not sure I want to watch this." But Dave said we could turn it off if it got bad, so I relented. I already had my negative attitude turned on, so I got ready with the remote in hand.
The remote was forgotten within the first 10 minutes of the movie. It was beautifully done. The characters where everything I had imagined. The horrific villains were left out or "dumbed down" and it was a great inspiring movie. I was mesmerized by the music and I loved the scenery.
At the end of the movie both Dave and I were teary eyed and we sat in silence for a moment. It was that good. I recommend this movie to an adult person. If you have already read the book your angry and confused emotions may pop up, as did mine, but the movie is so well done that I have nothing bad to say about it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coats and Hoodies in June??

I know that I am always cold and love to wear hoodies and jackets year round, but when other people also have to follow suit and get out the winter clothes in June, there is definitely a problem. It is June 5th and it is 50 degrees outside, the rain has been pounding our house, yard, truck, and dog for 2 days now...when will it end? Monday I was sitting in the sun getting burnt and sweat was dripping down my face. Wednesday I am back in my jeans, long sleeved shirt, and hoodie with snow hat on!
I am concerned that we are going to be still wearing shorts and tee shirts in November this year. The weather is all confused and screwed up! School is out-GIVE ME THE SUN!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Precious To Me

Of all the worldly possesions that I have, the question was posed, "If you could take one thing with you to heaven what would it be?" It was actually a really easy question for me to answer. Of course I love my books and bookcase, and the love I have for, but the one and only thing that I would want to take with me and would actually love to have in the casket with me (remember that all of you!) are the paintings that my Dad painted for me. I know that my Dad puts a lot of thought and effort into his paintings. He changes them daily until they are perfect. It has meant a lot to me to have him paint something for me. He knows me so well that he can paint a picture that I would love and display in my home. The pirate ship painting is one he painted for me when I was going through a really hard time in my life. Every time I look at that painting I can feel the hurt and love my Dad felt for me. It was a gift of the heart and it is the 1 thing I want to take with me to heaven.

No Work

I have worked every summer for the past 8 years of my life. I have balanced my job, Dave's landscaping, the kids, and the house for 8 summers. This year is a life changing summer for me. I am finally getting paid a salary for my job at Spectrum and so I do not need to work this summer. I am actually only working 1 day a week. I have 5 days of the week that I will not be working. I am not really sure what to do with myself. I think that maybe I will be able to keep the yard nice, the house spotless, the kids up to date with their academics, and read all the beautiful books I want. I am a little worried because I do really well when I am busy, things get done when I have a deadline to meet. What if I fall into the "no deadline, no work, just sleep" mode? Then again, would that be so bad?? I have been really stressed and busy this year...hmmmm maybe this summer will be a blessing that has come from on high! Anyone want to play this summer??

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day

I would like to celebrate Memorial Day by honoring my Grandfathers. They both raised families, worked hard, and served this country during WWII.
Grandpa Burningham lived in Bountiful so I got to see him weekly. He was a great gardener and had an amazing yard. He was also one of the best cooks I have ever met (even my Mom asked for recipes from Grandpa). I remember one of my birthdays, all I wanted was for Grandpa to make me his famous shrimp dinner. He made the yummiest shrimp and oysters I have ever had. Grandpa Burningham was drafted into the Army when my Dad was 1 years old. My Grandma was left to raise him and his 2 older brothers.
Grandpa fought in the war for 2 years and every night by the light of the moon he would write a letter to my Grandma. He never missed a night no matter how tired he was. Grandpa was the type of a guy that was the last person you would expect to be loving and gentle, but he would drop whatever he was doing to help a family member or a neighbor. We loveingly called him "Grumpy" and he loved it! Another memmory of Grumpy is that when my sisters and I would wear our hair in a bun, Grandpa would get a butter knife and chase us around saying, "I am hungry I want to cut off your bun and eat it!" We always wanted to have our hair in a bun when we went to his house! I loved going to his house and playing in his yard. The creek running through the back yard was a child's dream yard, we fished, waded, swam, and just enjoyed the sound of the water running through the yard.

Grandpa Dalling also served in WWII. He was drafted right out of High School and left his girlfriend, my Grandmother, to go to Germany. Grandpa was a good boy and very trustworthyso the generals took him from the battle field and let him be their chauffer. He got to drive them all over Germany. He saw many beautiful places, many sad and destroyed places. He never talked about it, but my Grandma told me about it one night when I was visiting with them.
Grandpa Dalling was a coach. He coached at Ricks College, now BYU-Idaho, for years and years. He helped his brother Uncle Glen coach boys basketball, he coached baseball, football, and wrestling. After his college years were over he coached the Madison High School Girls Softball Team. He got to coach 2 of my cousins, I think they are very lucky. Grandpa was the fastest and strongest man I ever new when I was little. Yes, stronger and faster than my dad even. He did not even need to use a baseball mitt when he was playing ball with us grandkids! Can you believe it? :) We also went fishing with Grandpa. I remember fishing with him and the rule was "you catch it you gut it". Well I was the only girl cousin out of 8 boys fishing and I caught 5 fish and the boys caught NO FISH! My brother was so mad at me. But my Grandpa had taught me well, and I gutted all 5 of those fish all on my own (with the help of my dad of course). :) My grandpa treated me the same as he did his grandson's and I will always be grateful for that. I have accomplished much in my life because I am a person, not a girl.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Theme Music

OK so I have posted about music that moves me and is beautiful and meaningful. Then as I was searching for peaceful songs to add to my kids blog I came across the "theme music for my life." I was actually stopped and stunned then laughed for a good long while. I loved the song and now you all have to endure it when you read my blog...but did you really expect me to ignore the pirate inside me??

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Team Giraffe

Today was the Autism Walks event at Cottonwood High School. My family and friends came out to support Hayden and me (Spectrum Academy) and we had a great time playing, walking, and walking! It was a 5k (3miles for all of you who are also metrically challenged) and after the 1st lap the kids were ready to play but they were champions and finished the entire 5k. Thankfully the sun was out and the weather was perfect!

The walk was to raise money for Autism research and to show off our fantastic children, siblings, and others that are on the Autism Spectrum. They are amazing people that are the future of our world so it was nice to have all the support that I got. I am so grateful to be surrounded by friends and family that love and support my family in our adventure down the Autism Road. Thank you Krist, Matt, Bostyn, Leighton, Angie, Peyton, Stockton, Easton, Berklie, Ginger (Maka), Dena, Martha, Echo, June (& family), Poulsons, and the Counters!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fall For You

I have a new favorite song. It is performed by Secondhand Serenade and called Fall For You. The music is what really attracts me to the song. I could put any lyrics into it and still like it. And I like the voice of the singer, very soothing and comfortable. I have been searching for the name of the song for about a month now, I kept hearing the beginning or the end on the radio. Now that I have it in my head I hum the music all day long!
There are 2 artists and 1 group that also have my attention this month: Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, and Lifehouse.
Remember, I am not so much a lyrics person as a music person. If the music "speaks to me"...I am hooked.
That is one of the confusing things for Dave. "Have you listened to the lyrics?" No, just the music and voice. One day in all my spare time I will take all the music I love and put my life's lyrics in them...then it will be Stefie: The Musical. Stay tuned you may find a song with your name in it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A great family movie!

Last night we watched the most amaizing movie. It is called August Rush. It is about an orphan living in New York City. He is very special because he can "hear music." He belives the music will lead him to his parents. If you like music at all you will really like this movie. I absolutly loved the idea, maybe it has to do with where I work, but it was great! I recomend this movie to anyone kids and all!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is here!

What a beautiful spring day today is. Harley picked these flowers for me and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. Hunter and I cleaned the house from top to bottom --which takes about 3 min :)-- and Harley has been outside playing with the dogs. I am in such a good mood that I may even clean out my truck!
D and I have been getting up at 5 am every morning to walk at the BHS track, and I have felt really good this week. I have energy, until 9pm, I am happy, I am hungry...maybe that is not such a good thing...and today is the icing on the cake.
D took Hayden to a track meet this morning, which explains why the house is still clean, and I got all my "chores" done by 9:30am! Now I can read until my eyes can see no more! I LOVE SPRING!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Interview...Getting to know the REAL Stefie

What is your favorite song of all time? "I Will Find You" theme song from Last of the Mohicans
Do you own any pets? 2 Dogs: Charlie and Shrute, 2 Hamsters: Squirmy and Phillip Johnny Bob
Who do you admire most? My Daddy
What size shoe do you wear? 8 to 8 1/2 clown feet for the hobbit :)
Water or 100% Juice?Water with a twist of water
Would you rather be hot or cold? HOT!! Bring me the summer!
Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? If I lost a leg I couldn't chase the children at my school, if I lost an arm I could not restrain the children at my school...I would be out of a job! If I had to choose it would be the leg, at least I can still hug!
Favorite Place to Eat? My Mother-In-Laws house
Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other? Anything where music is invloved! As long as the Microphone does not have static ;) right Jules!
What is your favorite clothing brand? What ever brand is on sale and fits me! Short people have a challenge finding "cute adult looking" clothes.
Most Memorable Past? Probably the day I got my Motorcycle
Most embarrassing moment? Something to do with Cheerleading at Ricks College, falling off the top of a 3 person high pyramid, having my shirt ripped off in an attempt to stop me from hitting the gym floor, yet hitting the gym floor and not being able to move my legs!
Your favorite Disney Films? Pirates I,II,III
Where is Waldo? France ??
What was your last thought? Stupid stripped shirt, glasses, stupid hair...yep french!
Who are you going to vote for in 2008? Sparrow/Barbossa
Juice and crackers or milk and cookies? Oreo cookies and Whole Milk :) yummy
Favorite fruit? Strawberries
Which is worse? A bad laugh or a bad cough? A bad cough you can get antibiotics for, but a bad laugh...that sucks!
Would you rather be blind or deaf? Again, I defer to my eyes can't see to chase. No hearing can't hear the screams of "help" from ear one eye?? That would work!
Define yourself in 3 words... Arrrrg, love, kids
Do you eat cold cereal at night? 2 bowls in the morning and as many as i can fit in through out the day!
What is your favorite TV show? The Office, LOST, 24, and American Idol
Kill the spider or let it out? Smash it with a big shoe, squish it's stupid guts into the ground and spit upon it's grave :)

Do you shower every single day? Well, I wash my body everyday...
Walking past a beggar, spare change or ignore? No I will not support their drug habbits...however I am happy to donate change to the unemployment office or the women shelters.
Boat or bus? Boat all the way...ever heard of the Black Pearl??
What is your favorate? Cotton Poly blend. :)
Where do you want to travel next? I would really like to take the kids to Disneyland.
What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out? I would gladly leave the room but before I left I would take all the children with me!
What is your favorite food? Cafe Rio Chicken Burrito Enchillada style!
Do you read harry potter books? Multiple kids are just finishing #3
If you could have one super human power what would you choose? To Fly
Vitamin Water or Gatorade? Water with no flavor, just plain old, see through water
Flip flops or sandles? Flip Flops
What do you do on fridays? Wake up at 5am, walk on the BHS track, wake up kids, make lunches, get kids ready, drop off kids at school, go to work, leave work, get an ice cream cone at A&W (yes A&W and we tried to go somewhere else and the wee one had rage and tears "I want a normal ice cream cone")
How tall are you? 5' 1'' but I feel so much taller than that!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Loving Memory

My Grandpa Val Dean Dalling (II) passed away on March 26, 2008. My grandpa is an amazing man who I look up to and hope to be like as I reach "the old ages."
My tribute to him are my memories through the years. When I was young he is the only person I knew that could play baseball without a glove! He caught the ball bare handed! I couldn't believe my eyes (I am sure my dad did the same thing, I just never noticed until Grandpa did it). He became my hero at that moment in time and will be for the remainder of my life! I felt so accomplished when I played ball with my kids and did not use a glove!
Grandpa was sick and in the hospital through the teenage years for me. I spent many days sitting by his bed while my mom took Grandma Dalling for a break. I remember holding his fragile hand and thinking about playing baseball with him. I was honored to be trusted enough to sit with him and "take care of him." And feel the same way in recent years when I was able to take care of him at my Mom's house and at my Aunt Kat's house. I feel like I was able to re-bond with him by serving him when he was in need.
Grandpa has a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I knew it without a doubt. He bore his testimony every chance he had when his family was present. I have the privilege of hearing him testify of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. I am grateful for his testimony and his dedication to the Church.
Grandpa loved my Grandma Dalling more than anything. He always carried her (very heavy) purse around family functions so that she could have her hands free to take picture of the family. He never complained about it, just teased her about putting bricks in it.

Grandpa always held the babies. He loved the little grand kids and would hold them and carry them around while the mothers enjoyed the free time to mingle and eat. I have so many pictures of Grandpa holding my children. Those picture are precious to me.
Grandpa was also the "garbage man" at all family functions. When he was not holding a baby he was carrying around the garbage bag and cleaning up the trash. We never had to clean up after the dinner because Grandpa beat us to it.
Grandpa and sports go hand in hand. He gave his time and energy to coaching many of his grand kids and many of other people's kids. He loved all sports and that seems to have passed on to many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He coached baseball, basketball, and football at Ricks College and softball at Madison High School. I always wanted to impress him with my sports skills, but I realise now that I didn't need to try he was always impressed and supportive of what ever I did.
I love my Grandpa and will miss him dearly. I am happy that he is reunited with Grandma Dalling and know he is so happy. I can't wait to see him again!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Do Believe In Fairies, I Do, I Do!

Faith Hill sings a song that it Titled Fireflies. This song is the theme song for my life. Some people think I am crazy, that is ok. Some people find it highly entertaining, that is good. And some people join in the fun, that is great!
...before you knew me I'd traveled 'round the world
And I slept in castles...
Because I was taught to dream
I found mayonnaise bottles and poked holes on top
To capture Tinker Bell
And they were just fireflies to the untrained eye
But I could always tell
Cause I believe in fairy tales
And dreamer's dreams
Like bedsheet sails
And I believe in Peter Pan
And miracles, anything I can to get by
And fireflies...
In my favorite Peter Pan movie, there is a scene where Tinkerbell has taken the poison to protect Peter and she dies. All the light, happiness, and love go out of Neverland. All is dark and dreary. Peter drops to the ground where Tink's limp body lays and says, "I do believe in Fairies, I do, I do!" over and over. The scene then pans to the world around us. Children of all ages are repeating "I do belive in Fairies, I do, I do!" Then Tink comes back to life. At this point light and happiness come back to Neverland.
I believe in the need for light and joy. I believe we all need something or someone to bring happiness to us. I belive in Fairies! I believe if you don't know how to dream, you don't know how to live your life to the fullest it can be!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Join a Team - Walk Now for Autism Utah

Join a Team - Walk Now for Autism Utah

May 3, 2008 is the Autism Walks Fundraiser at Cottonwood High School. The money raised will go to help with Autism Research. As to date there is no cure for Autism, so all the help we can get to get the ball rolling would be great.
If you are not interested in donating but want to join the walk you are more than welcome to join our team. We are going to have fun and it is a great way to get your exercise in for the day! If you have any questions about joining our team let me know and I will try to help you!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Let me start by writting about my job, my passion, and my mission. Autism, what is it? It is a comunication disorder that stops children and adults from communicating with the "typical" children and adults. What is Aspergers Syndrome? It is like Autism only these kido's have the ability to use language to talk and converse. However, just because they can use words does not mean they know how to "communicate." :)

With the communication disorder comes a landslide of other issues that hinder children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. A few of my favorite are sensory (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) issues, perspective problems (the world revolves around them or they are the only ones in the world), social sonfusions (why can't I tell people how I really feel?) and problem sovling (how to fix problems without using angry words, hands, or feet).

Why the puzzle piece? To be honest children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome are a puzzle. In Autism/Aspergers Syndrome there are no 2 children the same. Each day is a different set of problems and hurdles, each day is a different sensory trama, each day is a different "melt down." Just when you think you have it figured out...they do something you weren't expecting. Also, there is not cure. It is a puzzle to figure out how to help these kido's. It is a daily challenge that requires patience and love.

I work at a school called Spectrum Academy. It is a charter school for children grades K-8 with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. I manage the Learning Center at the school and teach P.E. Before working at Spectrum, I worked in the home of a family with a young boy who has Autism. I sort of fell into that job and it became a life changing experience. I feel like it has directed my life down a path that I needed to be on to help my own son deal with his disabilities.
For any of you that do not know someone with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome I have 2 things to say: 1 you are blessed to not have had your life turned upside down by this disorder. And 2 you are missing out on the blessing of knowing these beautiful children and adults. They will open your eyes to see things never imagionable to you before.

For those of you with time on your hands and a willingness to learn things daily research Autism/Aspergers Syndrome, find out what it is and learn something you didn't know before. For those of you that know what Autism/Aspergers Syndrome is or live with someone that has it I give you "props." I love working with children with Autism/Aspergers Syndrome and can imagine doing nothing else. They are a blessing for me and I am grateful that they have accepted me and trust me to enter into their worlds.


Question: Why have I adopted the name capt.jac.sparrow?

Fact: When Peyton (who is my cutest nephew) was 3 years old, I was at his house with the intention of watching a movie with his parents. When the movie chosen was Pirates of the Carribean, I was truly touched and giddy with joy! Within the first 10 minutes of the show Peyton became a bit nervous and decided he did not like this show. No, I did not flog him. But what I did do has changed my life forever. I put Peyton on my lap and told him a "secret". I told him that I was really Captain Jack Sparrow. His mom, Angie, did my hair like that for the movie and Kristi, his Aunt, helped me pick out my clothes. I began to do a play by play of the movie and told him how I did all the cool tricks. I told Peyton that it was all pretend and I had a lot of fun making the movie so he didn't need to be afraid of it. Peyton was a great sport and we sat together and watched the rest of the movie.

A couple months later I got a messge on my cell phone from Peyton. He was in California with his family on their Disneyland trip. The message was "Hey Stefie I saw you and I waved to you, did you see me?" I truly had no idea what he was talking about so I called Angie to inquire. She told me that during the Pirates of Pensance ride Peyton started pointing at Captain Jack Sparrow and waving "Stefie, it's me, it's Peyton." Then the sweet little angel proceeded to tell the rest of his family that it was me, Captain Jack Sparrow. When Peyton got on the phone he asked me again "did you see me?" and of course I said, "Yes I did, did you see me wave back?" And from that point on I have been capt.jac.sparrow!