Monday, November 24, 2008


Thursday was a long long long cold cold cold night for me! And some of you will be surprised and shocked to find out why! Not because it was a midnight movie, but because it was the movie Twilight!
I went with my sister A, my Mommacita, and my friend S! (Thank you A for the glow in the dark, very sharp, vampire teeth!) S and I went in with low expectations "just in case" and were pleasantly surprised!
The movie was great! Once I got past the bad casting of characters and accepted it for what it was, the movie was every entertaining and is great for a girls night out! I laughed out loud at Charlie and even a couple of times at Edward (they were funny parts--not laughed in sarcasm). I recommend this to any girls out there needing a night off and a new fantasy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Due to the mass panic of Internet Safety and such I have taken the liberty to give some of you code names in order to protect your identity. If you have a problem with your new name please see the attached complaint form.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I would like to summarize the month of October in one word but there is not a word that means horrible, joyful, and predictable all in one!
It is the end of football for the Munk family (that is not supposed to be joyful), but I have to admit I look forward to having time to cook and clean after school and on Saturday. Hayden summed it all up for us when he cried on the way home from Hunter's football game. The jersey's, cleats, mouth guards, gloves, and pads have been put away until next July and I think that was the favorite part of my weekend!
Halloween was as predictable as ever, Hayden lasted 20 minutes and then was done with the nonsense of Trick-or-Treating. Hunter was not able to find a chicken costume and therefore boycotted the holiday. Harley spent the weekend with our crazy friends in Odgen. Dave was at a BHS football game and I quietly sat back and observed it all, then put everyone to bed and wished Halloween would not come back next year.
I have big hopes for November, there are no sporting events and Hayden's swimming will be over in 2 days. I hope to have all my Christmas shopping done, house clean and organized, kids homework done, clothes washed and folded, and my book read for the month! With all my free time I feel this is a goal I can easily accomplish...only time can tell.
When it is all said and done, we survived the month and are stronger for it! But in parting I want to say: Goodbye October and good riddance!