Monday, March 19, 2012

Book of Revelations

I was TERRIFIED to teach this lesson until I figured out a way to make the lessson interactive and informative.  I started with 7 DVD cases that I do not use at my house and taped them together forming 1 book with 7 sections.
Then I looked up the importance of the number 7 and found this:
I covered the DVD's to make it look like a book and put this on the front of it.  Each individual DVD case represented a sealed book talked about in the Book of Revelations.  Inside each "sealed book" I placed the time the book was to take place, the scripture that described what was to happen, quotes by Prophets and Apostles, and an explanation of the symbols that were in the scriptures.

With the use of, the scriptures, and the book: New Testiment Made Easier this lesson was a great way to explain what it all means. 7 volunteers came up and opened up a sealed portion of the book, took out the contents, showed the class, read the quotes and scriptures, then we discussed what it meant as a class. This is a lesson I will never forget!

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