Monday, March 19, 2012

Testimony of the Prophets

This lesson was very neat, it talked about the job of an Apostle. The 12 Apostles at the time of Christ the original 12, and the Apostles we have had throughout the years, they have the same job, it has never changed. It is to testify of Christ and his Church. 
Through the research I did, I found a church in Copenhagen called the Church of Our Lady. Inside this Church a sculpture named Bertel Thorvaldsen sculpted the Christus in the center of the room and along the walls is a statue of the original 12 apostles.

On one side of the chalkboard I displayed this beautiful picture on the other side of the chalk board I displayed pictures of the current 12 Apostles. The class used the scriptures to find the testimonies of the Original 12 Apostles and then they looked at the testimonies of the current 12 Apostles. We compared and contrasted putting them side by side and found that even though hundreds of years have passed between the men, their testimonies are the same. All the men said the same thing: Christ lived, was crucified for us, and was Resurrected, and lives still today.

The 12 Apostles have a charge to tell the world of their testimony, and I believe that we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also have an obligation to testify to those around us of what we believe. I believe in Christ, I know he lives.

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