Monday, March 19, 2012

Spiritual Crocodiles

I started this one with some illusions that I found on the Internet. I then showed them some pictures of crocodiles hiding in the swamp just waiting to eat something. Then I showed them the video called Spiritual Crocodiles based on a talk given by President Boyd K Packard. Then I set up my watering hole with my cute family next to it. Then we talked about the spiritual crocodiles Nephi tried to warn his people about in 2 Nephi. We talked about the illusion that all is fine until the crocodile has you by the neck and is pulling you under the water BUT you have to get close enough for it to grab you...this is what sin is. You get closer and closer until Satan has you in his grasp and he will pull you down and drowned you.  Then we talked about the Spiritual Crocodiles we have today. We talked about what the world is teaching us versus what the Prophets, Scriptures, and Apostles are teaching us.
This was a very powerful lesson especially if you show the video, it is a bit uncomfortable watching the crocodile kill the animals. But the point is nailed home when you turn it to them, Satan is fighting as hard as he can and he is just as vicious and horrible as the crocodiles.

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