Monday, March 19, 2012

The Spirit Runeth Over

This lesson was about the Spirit. The power the Spirit has to teach and help people understand the Gospel.
To start with I set out a cake pan, with a glass bowl inside it, on the table, inside the glass bowl was some dishsoap (makes lots of bubbles), red food coloring (to help members see the explosion better) and vinegar. I explained that the glass bowl represented our bodies.
When we are teaching and talking about the Gospel we say lovely words to people. We can talk and talk but nothing really happens until you add the Holy Ghost. (This is when I added the baking soda and the bowl errupted in red foam and bubbles that rose to the top of the bowl and spilled over filling up the cake pan).
When we teach with the Spirit it will rise up out of us and spill out to the people we are talking to. Then when they hear the words we are saying, the Spirit will testify to them that what we are saying is true.

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